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As the business world is always changing, so does Talentsoft. Thanks to cloud-native software that's customizable, efficient and cost-effective.

  • icon recruiting
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    In order to attract the best talents, we help you to be both innovative and structured, whatever your size, your industry and your organization. Talentsoft Recruiting is driven by embedded HR expertise combined with fully integrated technological partners, to help you respond to all recruiting challenges, from sourcing to onboarding.
  • My Talentsoft
    My Talentsoft
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    My Talentsoft transforms the way to engage employees by enhancing interactions around HR and business challenges. Push in-context HR content on one single page to employees and managers, all within a fully personalized digital HR platform.
  • icon performances competencies
    Performances & Competencies
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    Turn employees and managers into HR business partners by transforming yearly appraisals into a continuous and collaborative process. Talentsoft Performance and Competencies allows you to adapt and personalize your performance reviews without any technical skills, consolidate key HR information and enrich all other HR processes.
  • icon talent review
    Talent Review
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    Bring agility to your talent reviews by involving all key stakeholders to make the most objective decisions. Create action plans based on collective and individual HR analyses and implement them in real time with managers.
  • icon learning
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    Enhance employability within your organization while controlling budgets and expenses with Talentsoft Learning. Take advantage of social learning by encouraging your employees’ interactions from learning requests and training assessments to recommendations.
  • icon compensation
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    Enable your managers to make better decisions during the salary review process by enriching and providing objective indicators with information from all HR processes. Integrate any compensation policy to adapt your salary review process to your organization’s challenges.
  • icon workforce planning
    Workforce Planning
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    Transform your organization by aligning your HR strategy to organizational objectives, and being transparent in communicating your staffing challenges. Compare your current skills framework to tomorrow’s target to identify competency gaps and define appropriate development plans.
  • core hr
    Core HR
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    Scalable and user-friendly, Talentsoft Core HR is adapted to the organizational, technical and regulatory challenges of your company, without heavy IT involvement. Transform your employees into active contributors of HR administrative tasks by encouraging continuous and automated interactions.
  • icon hr analytics
    HR Analytics
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    Talentsoft HR Analytics brings agility to your decision-making process by measuring their impact and continuously adjusting them to improve your HR processes. Natively integrated, HR Analytics comes embedded with pre-packaged indicators. Its user-friendly interface allows you to create your own dashboards, without technical expertise, and share them with key stakeholders.
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Trenkwalder is a leading HR service provider in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • 50
  • 000+ employees
  • 200
  • 000+ candidates
  • 1 million applications
  • 30+ years experience
  • 200+ offices

Your company

HR management with one click.


Talentsoft is a European leading developer of cloud-based talent management software.

  • 8+ milllion users
  • 25 languages in 130+ countries
  • 10 years of experience
  • 500 employees
  • 1500 clients

How you benefit
SaaS solution - fully web based

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    Permanent access to the latest version of Talentsoft.

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    Regular automatic software updates.

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    No scalability or administration cost.

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    Deployment with no IT investment.

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    HR managers easily configure forms and processes themselves.

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    Flexible financing model (no hidden costs).


Success stories
Brands that use Talentsoft

DCNS Group
Alain Guillou - Director of Human Resources

"In less than 4 months we were able to launch annual performance appraisals for all our 13,000 employees located in more than ten countries! And the initial feedback is more than satisfactory, with both employees and managers widely adopting the solution, which is intuitive and very easy to use. This was a major challenge, but it was implemented successfully, on time and on budget."

Griesson-de Beukelaer
Manuel Hardt – Recruiting Director

“The time saved in processing the applications has greatly improved our decision making which is not only benefcial to us, but especially for our applicants.”

Catarina Viana-Garcia - Group HR Development Process Manager

“Talentsoft Community events are an opportunity for us to meet other users of the Talentsoft solution. It's also an important opportunity to share our best practices and discover new ways of using the solution depending on specific problems. It's also a chance for us to get more involved in directing the product roadmap in accordance with our current priorities and to work side-by-side with Talentsoft in developing a solution which meets our operational needs.”

Réseau Ferré de France
Philippe Berthet – Head of Training

“Thanks to the Talentsoft Learning solution our HR team can easily manage annual training plans; from those on offer using the training catalogue through to organizing registrations for the training sessions.”

Violaine Moraillon - Recruitment Director

“Taking into account specific local HR features and the process differences between the countries was crucial. The Talentsoft solution made a clear contribution to breaking down the barriers and silos between the different Group locations. Going forward a manager can easily be identified for a position at the other end of the world and within another organization.”

Generix Group
Laure Baudelocq - HR Development Manager

“We are proud to participate in the development of Talentsoft HR Analytics and to be part of this beta program. We feel like a key stakeholder in Talentsoft’s team and are listened to regarding our needs and expectations. The HR Analytics indicators provide us with decision-making tools and the ability to monitor our employees throughout all HR processes.”

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